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Alectronic il y a 15 heures
That wasn't the case Clemens. I already fixed the characters like you did. But still got a remaining chip memory shortage message at the end of the last line in Bascom that made successful compiling completely impossible. And even the configuration fuses from Atmel Studio were different because they do not correspond with the results we should get in Bascom. Why not give the correct fuses like they should appear in Bascom? Screenshots from Atmel Studio didn't match that of Bascom and gave completely different results. Thank you for attaching the correct Bascom Basic listing. I will check it hoping to find the cause for the previous Bascom compiling error.
Simple Sound Effects 2.0 [130209]
Roel Arits
Roel Arits il y a 16 heures
There is no cure for LED-addiction, only a lot of side-effects. ;-) Thanks for your enthousiasm Clemens.
Mechanical LED fader
ClemensValens il y a 21 heures
Straight into this week's newsletter.
Mechanical LED fader
TonGiesberts il y a 22 heures
I presume you're asking about the Isolatiolation and it  depends on the LEM LTS 25-NP if build as described. From the datasheet: Rms voltage for AC isolation test, 50 Hz, 1 min 3  kV Impulse withstand voltage 1.2/50 µs  > 8  kV Rms voltage for partial discharge extinction @ 10pC > 1.5  kV Look at the datasheet for more information.  
Potential-free current measurement for oscilloscopes [150170]
ClemensValens il y a 1 jour
It is a Bascom-AVR program. However, if you did a copy-paste from the PDF you will end up with a file containing characters that the Bascom compiler doesn't like. I have attached the cleaned-up & tested source code to the project above. It compiles without errors in Bascom-AVR The configuration fuses shown in the article is a screenshot are from Atmel Studio (as mentioned in the text).  
Simple Sound Effects 2.0 [130209]