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1500FH2 il y a 1 jour
Bonjour, Je voudrais remplacer les diodes BAV199 par deux diodes non SMD. Rob me conseil d'utiliser des diodes BAS11 ou BAS12. Mais malheureusement celle-ci sont obsolette. Que puis-je utiliser en remplacement ? Merci d'avanceEnglish version:I would like to replace the BAV199 diodes with two non-SMD diodes.Rob advises me to use diodes BAS11 or BAS12. But unfortunately this one is obsolete. What can I use as a replacement?thank you in advance
Loudspeaker Measurement System [130453-I]
MJB il y a 1 jour
Firmware release v1.0 is now ready for download. Synth model upgraded... New patch parameter set is based on dual-oscillator/dual-wavetable configuration with mixer. Refer to Sound Synth description in the REMI project web page. Sample sound clips posted. For details, visit the author's updated project website.  
Rudimentary Electronic Musical Instrument and MIDI Controller
Lucky il y a 1 jour
Hi Yannick, Thanks for the update. We haven't experienced this issue on the Android devices we used. What device do you use? Best regards, Luc
RGBdigit clock [160100]
AndiM il y a 2 jours
Hi, your right. But it is possible to use more powerfull led (and psu) in this soloution. And I used the devices from my stock. Regards AndiM
Dimmbare Aussenbeleuchtung / Dimmable Outdoor Lighting [140574]
Raymond Mentjens
Raymond Mentjens il y a 2 jours
I get the error message Esp8266_NtpToDcf77:224: error: 'weekday' was not declared in this scope   In fact I am such a newb in this matter. Can you please make a more comprehensive 'howto'
DCF77 emulator with ESP8266