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Quenton il y a 1 jour
Mostly complete now in a 3U case from hifi2000 with 120mm x 300mm heatsinks, weighing in at 20kg(!). Custom 420VA transformers from Canterbury Windings (240V primary, 41V AC off load, very tight regulation 3-4%). Each includes integral electrostatic shield and external magnetic shield. For each channel: 4x Vishay 101 10mF caps plus one Fairchild 35A bridge rectifier. ESP soft start (Project 39) with a dedicated 6VA transformer. Currently starts on a 3A fuse but will try also 2.5A. Shaffner mains inlet switch, dual-pole mains filter and fuse fits neatly between the filter caps. Sounds great, no audible hum or buzz. Thoroughly enjoyed this project. Now just need a preamp...
Q-Watt - Simple Audio Power Amplifier (110656)
Calpe il y a 2 jours
A good reason then to update the Preamplifier being that is has been a very popular project using the existing circuit with modifications and/or additional circuit
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)
TechDoc il y a 2 jours
My son is not a very good driver, and it is really not easy to park in his garage. The problem is also the "dead angle" : when the car advances, he has to look frontward and on each side at the same time in each rearview mirror. This will be very helpfull  . . . for him ! (Each car door is still scratched . . .)  
Easy Parking System [170080]
Wil Dijkman
Wil Dijkman il y a 2 jours
I am not so sure that this idea is very handy. I have also a "parking assist" in my garage: it consists of a small mirror at the ceiling and a line at the floor. When I see in the mirror, that the front of the car passes the line, I have to stop... Kind regards Wil Dijkman
Easy Parking System [170080]
RobvL il y a 3 jours
I am trying to use a DS1307 Real Time clock, using the DS1307RTC library. As is, the examples don't work. Adding Wire0.begin() to setup() makes it work on SCL0/SDA0. But changing that to Wire1.begin() has no effect. How can I use SCL1/SDA1 when the Wire library is only called from within another library? Rob van Lopik  
Elektor Uno R4 [150790]