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cheaptrick il y a 2 heures
Hi guys I am struggling with access to web page to do setup, connected to AP and goto and I get The requested file doesn't exist ets Jun  8 2016 00:22:57 rst:0x1 (POWERON_RESET),boot:0x17 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT) configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee clk_drv:0x00,q_drv:0x00,d_drv:0x00,cs0_drv:0x00,hd_drv:0x00,wp_drv:0x00 mode:DIO, clock div:1 load:0x3fff0018,len:4 load:0x3fff001c,len:1044 load:0x40078000,len:8896 load:0x40080400,len:5816 entry 0x400806ac E (47) SPIFFS: mount failed, -10025 Read Timecore Config Copy Conf to MEM Booting... Init WiFi WiFi: AP Configuring AP: Elektor NTP Server AP IP: mDNS responder started Webserver started I2C RTC at 0x68 foundRead RTC Time:1586266174 Switch to PPS DST Rules Updated: DST Start: Sun Mar 29 01:00:00 2020 DST End:   Sun Oct 25 02:00:00 2020 Update Time from GPS Date is: 20/4/7 at 13:29:35  Update RTC dhcps: send_offer>>udp_sendto result 0 Got request for: / Content type: text/html File '/index.html' doesn't exist Thank uou kindly in advance
mini-NTP server with GPS
Axiris il y a 17 heures
Hi Jochen, According to your settings, your local IP address is with subnet mask while your gateway and dns 1 address is This means that your clock never can communicate with the gateway and the dns server. Your local IP address should be something like, for example Please note that IP addresses should be unique within your network. If your clock has, no other device should use that IP address. Kind regards, Ilse
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
Mats il y a 18 heures
Hi Joost Did you ever finalize the second version (SAM D20 version) of this project? I would be more interested in building that one concidering all the improvements. Thanks, Mats  
GPS assisted 10 MHz frequency reference
BreedJ il y a 21 heures
Thanks. I will make the change in the eagle and gerber files this week.
GPS assisted 10 MHz frequency reference
BreedJ il y a 21 heures
Hi Gary, I'm sorry I don't have any left.  If you are plannning to order them yourself with the gerber files you can download from this page, please wait until the end of this week. There's a mistake in the current gerber files. I will have to fix it first.  Joost  
GPS assisted 10 MHz frequency reference