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Paul van der Hulst
Paul van der Hulst il y a 2 heures
Hi, II just finished the dac and started by connecting the I2S bus to a scope. Instead of volumio I run moode audio. I found that when the selected device is hifiberry and plain 16 bit CD audio is played, the I2S frame is only 16 bit for each channel 'word'. This is ok for hifiberry, but not compatible with the PCM1794 (the datasheet only shows 16 bit timing diagram for right aligned data, which is an implicit way of saying that 16 bit isn't supported in other modes like I2S) A little googling found that a device called rpi-dac also uses the PCM1794. I don't know about volumio, but moode has a driver for that which is aware of the minimum word length limit of the PCM1794. With this driver the output word is now 32 bit, even for 16 bit data. This is more than the minimum of 24 bits, but that is great actually since it also complies with the limits of the clock multiplier (clock becomes 2.8MHz and the minimum is 2.5MHz). No resampling (processing power) is required, just a different driver. My conclusion is that you should not aim to use the hifiberry driver as a first choice. It is no better than any other arbitrary I2S device. Instead try to find out which device in your distribution matches the elektor DAC closest and continue from there. Paul
Audio DAC for RPi - Networked Audio Player using Volumio [160198]
HaSch il y a 7 heures
Yes, the data signal is present but too weak.
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TonGiesberts il y a 11 heures
Please have a look at project update 'From the lab: play 16 bit encoded audio'. Please let me know if this works.
Audio DAC for RPi - Networked Audio Player using Volumio [160198]
TonGiesberts il y a 11 heures
To play back 16 bit files re-sampling works just fine. But when listening to a video stream or YouTube with 16 bit audio re-sampling apparently doesn’t work. See project comment ‘16 Bit issues ...’ So here’s a solution that works but isn’t perfect. The file mpd.conf in the etc directory needs to be changed. But...every time you change a setting in ‘PLAYBACK OPTIONS’ the chance is this MPD.config is replaced by one of Volumio and the modification you made is lost. Then you will have to add the line again. To test if it works first turn off ‘Audio Resampling’ in ‘PLAYBACK OPTIONS’. Make a SSH connection to the RPi with Volumio. In Windows you can use PuTTY. Go to the etc directory:cd /etc Open mpd.conf in a text editor:nano mpd.config (or sudo nano mpd.config) Add the following line (just before the line #replaygain “album”)audio_output_format “*:24:2” In nano the asterisk * is a command, you have to copy it from another text editor in Windows using copy/paste. Have a look at the screen dump I made of PuTTY. Restart Volumio and if everything went well you should be able to listen to 16 bit encoded audio.
Audio DAC for RPi - Networked Audio Player using Volumio [160198]
ThijsBeckers il y a 17 heures
We haven't tested this yet, but we assume it's possible. In principle every DMX box should have its own COM port, so it should work. We'll test this somewhere this week and report back.
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