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Abbey Wilson
Abbey Wilson il y a 3 heures
It's a comprehensive design. 
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ElektorLabs il y a 4 heures
Updated Revision in the works: and yes we added a sd-card option to the station 
ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
ElektorLabs il y a 4 heures
Dear all,  the Software gets some fundamental rework as we are working on a updated harware revision. The work done for the last version 1.5 will be included int the software as well so some other nice goddies like sd-card support. We try to get also some new protorcols supported and try to fix some parts that looked not that nice. Further progess will be found here:
Firmware update ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
vigil il y a 13 heures
Hi, Great box, it looks nice. I looked at your schematics, maybe you could try to study it's loop gain stability and improve it with simulation. it's a very interesting subject. Best regards
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Russin Sir Bullar
Russin Sir Bullar il y a 21 heures
Now I have purchased a 150 W solder tip and a switched power supply that provides 12 V and just over 12 A. I saw the software change you made - excellent! The question I ask is now if I move (desolder) the FET IRF 9540 that sits there on the circuit board to a heat sink so that any power dissipation that may occur is taken care of - can there be anything else that I forgot to think about? And I am aware of the fact that :  It is stated that alterations in hard- and software are NOT supported by Elektor. Grateful for answers !
180348 DIY soldering station