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ClemensValens il y a 1 heure
It is a Bascom-AVR program. However, if you did a copy-paste from the PDF you will end up with a file containing characters that the Bascom compiler doesn't like. I have attached the cleaned-up & tested source code to the project above. It compiles without errors in Bascom-AVR The configuration fuses shown in the article is a screenshot are from Atmel Studio (as mentioned in the text).  
Simple Sound Effects 2.0 [130209]
anto il y a 1 jour
Dear Stephen, thanks for appreciating the project! The Elektor introduction was written by Clemens Valens, who, I guess, with "cassette player's piano keys" intended just the player's keyboard, which has nothing to do with the keyboard of a piano(musical instrument). By the way, you reminded me of some childhood memories: your favourite "pastime" was also one of my favourite ones, and probably the beginning of my passion for electronics! :-))   Best regards, Anto  
Abdullah Eyles
Abdullah Eyles il y a 1 jour
Dear Anto, A very interesting project but I would like to comment on the introduction written in the Elektor email message which states: "Very common on old equipment, today they seem to have disappeared completely. I am talking about those pushbutton banks of which only one button could be activated at a time, like cassette player’s piano keys or channel selectors on radios." I would like to point out that piano keys do not have such a mechanism; if so, how would one play a chord (more than one note at a time)? Or do you mean piano (type) keys on cassette players? One of my favourite 'pastimes' when i was young was pressing fast forward and rewind at the same time to see what happened... That's how Engineers begin learning, isn't it? :-)) With regards, Stephen
Alectronic il y a 2 jours
I managed to program the assumably in Bascom made and generated Tiny AVR chip. And it works. But strangely the presented Bascom listing only produces shortage on memory errors in Bascom that makes it impossible to program the AVR chip from it? Or to generate any usefull Hex file from it because of it. Only the given Hex file worked. And even the given configuration fuses do not match that of Bascom? Also the setup frequency was different.   Why call het a Bascom program when the author obviously must have used another program that also explains the difference in configuration  fuses?  What is the reason of this?
Simple Sound Effects 2.0 [130209]
anto il y a 2 jours
Danke für die Kommentare. Sicher ist diese Schaltung sehr einfach (das war die Absicht) und sie kann zwar sicherlich verbessert werden! Ich kann sagen, dass eine solche Schaltung hat jahrelang als 30 Port Audio-Video-Switch ohne Problem funktioniert. Herzliche Grüße,Anto