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Alexander gam19 Grigorev
Alexander gam19 Grigorev il y a 2 jours
How to increase the pulse generation time?
DCF77 emulator with ESP8266
avaldebe il y a 2 jours
Nice indeed.
Micro I2C-Scanner with 0.96" Oled and ATtiny44
NickT il y a 3 jours
I have it loaded and running but the buttons don't seem to do anything. I wonder if someone can confirm that they should and how they should be wired - I've assumed A2 & A3 ...  cheers, Nick
Baroduino - Barograph with Arduino and 2,2" TFT screen [150425]
Alexander gam19 Grigorev
Alexander gam19 Grigorev il y a 4 jours
How to increase the pulse generation time from two minutes to ten?
DCF77 emulator with ESP8266
M J Bauer
M J Bauer il y a 5 jours
Please do not be misled by the project title -- the REMI is now not so "rudimentary". If it could be revised, the title would be: "Recorder-like Electronic Musical Instrument". The upgraded REMI is an "electronic wind instrument" (EWI) using a fingering scheme based on the traditional recorder, but simplified to make it easier to learn to play. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced woodwind player, you could be playing tunes on the REMI in a very short time. Although the fingering of the REMI is like a recorder, the built-in sound synthesizer is capable of producing a variety of instrument sounds. For example, it can sound like a clarinet, oboe, saxophone, flute, jazz organ, church organ, violin, double bass... whatever. The sound quality and pitch accuracy of the REMI synth is more than adequate for serious musical performance. Two "octave pads" on the underside of the hand-piece extend the range of pitch of the instrument to four octaves. (By contrast, it is difficult to obtain more than two octaves from a real recorder.) Further, the 4-octave range can be "shifted" (transposed) up or down the scale any number of semitones by setting a "pitch offset" parameter in the software. Please disregard the original (now obsolete) REMI article posted here on Elektor Labs website and go straight to the author's project website.  
Rudimentary Electronic Musical Instrument and MIDI Controller