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Christian Herr
Christian Herr il y a 9 heures
Great, thanks a lot for the update.
HV Power supply with tube and semiconductor curve tracer
Christian Hirt
Christian Hirt il y a 9 heures
Hi Anders, yes this schematic is it. Thank You very much! Have a nice day Chris, OE3HBW
Navtex receiver
Chetan Soni
Chetan Soni il y a 10 heures
Hii I cannot find the code for the project. I have similar use for logging data of a current sensor. Can you please link the code.
ESP32 Portable GPS Data-logger/Weather Station
TonGiesberts il y a 1 jour
March 2018 a new model of the Raspberry Pi came on the market: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. The previous images we made available won’t work with this newer version. However a new version of Volumio is available that has Pi Kernel 4.14.29 and this means it supports the Raspberry Pi version 3 Model B+. The older images like Volumio v1.55 and Rune Audio don’t support this new version of the RPi. The only image that can be upgraded is the v2.282 of Volumio. This has to be done with an older version of the RPi 3. Using the WebUi on a remote computer is probably an easier way to do this. If you don’t know the IP Address of the RPi enter volumio.local in the address bar of the internet browser. Or if this doesn’t work click click on ‘Show Settings’ on the 3.5” touchscreen LCD (the cogwheel in the upper right corner) and next click on the menu item ‘NETWORK’. Under Network Status the IP Address is listed. Now click on ‘Show Settings’ again and select ‘SYSTEM’. In the menu item ‘System Updates’ click on ‘Check Updates’. It will show Update v2.389 is available and its change log. Click on ‘Update Now’. After the message appears ‘Successfully updated to "2.389" version. System restart required.’ click on ‘Restart System’. Volumio restarts but after restart the 3.5” LCD stays blank. The update has overwritten /boot/config.txt and two lines have to be added. Now config.txt has to be edited. Open a SSH connection to the RPi (in Windows you can use PuTTY). The rest of the changes like the virtual keyboard that has been added to the image of Volumio or the configuration for our DAC are all unaffected by the updating process.   In PuTTY in the Session menu enter volumio@ (change the IP Address to the one your Rpi has been given) in the Host Name (or IP address) text entry field. Default port is 22. Click Open. Enter the default password volumio.   Now edit /boot/config.txt:sudo nano /boot/config.txt add the lines (after you enetered the password again):dtparam=spi=ondtoverlay=waveshare35a:swapxy=1   If done correctly config.txt should look like:   initramfs volumio.initrd gpu_mem=16 max_usb_current=1 dtparam=audio=on audio_pwm_mode=2 dtparam=i2c_arm=on disable_splash=1 hdmi_force_hotplug=1 dtparam=spi=on dtoverlay=waveshare35a:swapxy=1 \n #### Volumio i2s setting below: do not alter #### dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac   You can restart the RPi from the terminalsudo reboot   After restart the Volumio v2.389 should appear on the 3.5” touchscreen LCD . If the message ‘Restore pages? Chromium didn’t shut down correctly’ appears close it, don’t click on ‘Restore’ because that will open a new tab in the Chromium browser. Every time you click on Restore a new tab is added in the Chromium Browser.  It’s a bug that still hasn’t been resolved. To see if there are more tabs click on F11 in the virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard can be opened by clicking on the search box in the Browse Tab. There should only be one tab open in the Chromium browser. If there are more close them. Now this micro SD card can be used with a RPi 3 B+. Read project update ‘From the lab - Volumio 2.282 + 3.5" touchscreen LCD + virtual keyboard’ how to add the unallocated part of the micro SD card you’re using to make all memory of the microSD card available.   This new image replaces the 2.282 version of Volumio. Look for under SOFTWARE.   There also is an image available with a different look. Some people may prefer the 90 degree rotated view of the v1.55 in the article. No virtual keyboard is added and a wizard will appear first to configure this v2.389 of Volumio. If text entries are needed use the WebUI on a remote computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Look for under SOFTWARE.  
Audio DAC for RPi - Networked Audio Player using Volumio [160198]
GEORGE LYDECKER il y a 2 jours
Very nice! Hope it develops into full project with source code.  Attention to mechanical detail was excellent.
HV Power supply with tube and semiconductor curve tracer