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Elektor + audioXpress = 2014 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS)

19 juin 2014, 09:00
Elektor + audioXpress = 2014 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS)
Elektor + audioXpress = 2014 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS)

Looking for drivers, speaker parts, and components? Looking for consultants and designers? Looking for cables and connectors, speaker sub-assemblies, panels and materials, enclosure grilles, stuffing and assemblies, acoustic analysis software and measurement tools, integrated amplified speaker solutions, etc.? Don’t look any further. Everything you need is here. The 2014 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) is now available—in print and online!

Published every year by Elektor International Media, audioXpress, and Voice Coil, the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook is the recognized audio industry reference for all professionals and certainly the best way to connect all industry vendors in any product or service area with the global speaker market, from the largest manufacturing facilities to the DIY market.

As a targeted directory, the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook provides instant access to everything you need: information about components, drivers, finished systems, speakers parts, test equipment, consultants, and more! Available as an online directory, e-pub, and print magazine, the sourcebook is complete with informative articles about trending topics in the loudspeaker industry, such as headphones, wireless audio, and more!

You can also visit the online LIS Vendor List, which includes a categorized index to quickly find the product, service, or company you’re looking for. If you want to contact a manufacturer, distributor, or consultant directly, just search and click to connect with them.

The 2014 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) includes the following Industry Reports

Argument for Local Sourcing
By Mark Beach (Beach Dynamics)
Perceiving and Measuring Headphone Sound Quality
Do Listeners Agree on What Makes a Headphone Sound Good?

By Dr. Sean Olive (HARMAN International)
Converged Audio Test
By Bradley Price (Audio Precision)
More Bang for the Buck – Speaker Market Trends
By João Martins (audioXpress)
Questions & Answers with
Vance Dickason (Vance Dickason Consulting)
Christopher J. Struck (CJS Labs)
Chris von Hellermann (Tymphany)
Thomas Mintner (NTI Americas Inc.)
Rich Taylor (Dayton Audio)

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