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Elektor.LABS is recruiting

23 janvier 2014, 00:00
Elektor.LABS is recruiting
Elektor.LABS is recruiting

In order to reinforce its development team in the Netherlands, Elektor.LABS is offering a job opportunity for a motivated electronics engineer with excellent programming skills (il y en a qui licencient à tour de bras, Elektor recrute, c'est trop cool).


Today the specifications of almost every electronic device are largely determined by software. Although developing such a product still requires deep knowledge of electronic circuit design, good programming skills are increasingly important. It is in this light that Elektor.LABS is looking for a motivated electronics engineer capable of creating software with the quality that our clients expect.

The ideal candidate takes embedded programming serious and aims for maintainable software of high quality. As member of the Electronics Projects Development Team, the ideal candidate will be working closely together with technical writers and electronics designers from all over the world. Therefore, besides having good knowledge of analog and digital circuit design, the ideal candidate is fluent in at least English (mais il y a toujours Google Translate pour se tirer d'affaire) and has excellent communication skills. Finally, the ideal candidate always aims for the best possible end-user experience of his and our work.


In short, the ideal candidate is more than competent in the following domains:

  • Programming, embedded as well as PC (C/C++/C#, assembler, BASIC, VHDL, etc.)

  • Electronics, analog (ah bon, ça existe encore ?) as well as digital

  • Communication, written and spoken in English (pour parler anglais, Google Translate c'est déjà moins top), knowledge of Dutch, German or French would be highly appreciated (si vous parlez le russe ou le japonais, ça peut servir aussi).

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