Are you curious about Elektor's extra-thick Summer Circuits 2022 edition? Join us for another live edition of Elektor Lab Talk on August 18, 2022, at 18:00 CEST on YouTube. Mathias Claussen (Senior Engineer, Elektor) and Jens Nickel (Editor-in-Chief, Elektor) will talk about Elektor Summer Circuits 2022 and many of the exciting projects inside the magazine. They will also give away five free Elektor US-Style Sirens! Plus, a friend from the "Make" universe is scheduled to join the session. Don’t miss the livestream.

Elektor Summer Circuits 2022

The Summer Circuits edition features circuits, projects, in-depth articles, an interview and more. In typical Elektor fashion, we’ve planned a little something for everyone, from professional engineers to makers. It's a collector’s item! 

The Elektor US-Style Siren is a classic from the extremely popular sound-generator class, copiously served by Elektor. The circuit — is based on inexpensive, old-school, through-hole parts — will make a great addition to your desk or workspace. 
us style siren giveaway for Lab Talk
A classic! US-style siren
The circuit generates three different “US-style” siren sounds: police, ambulance, and fire brigade. You can select the desired sound using switch S1. Push button S2 was added for on/off control. The circuit consists of three parts, a modulator (T1 & T2), a sound generator (T3 & T4), and an amplifier (T5).
Mathias and Jens will give away five of them during the Elektor Lab Talk show! Be sure to tune in.

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