Rainer Schuster (9)

| Designing (almost) lossless diodes and rectifiers with so called "Ideal Diode Controllers" from Linear Technology

| In this little project I want to show you methods how to keep the rotation speed of a (brushed) DC motor constant (independant of the torque...

| Après plusieurs semaines de confinement, vous avez épuisé tous les jeux disponibles dans votre maison, même ceux qui étaient oubliés au gren...

| Thermal Camera with MLX90640 sensor and Raspberry Pi

| In this project I show you a lapcounter for slot car racing tracks

| In this project I show you an electronic load for DC and AC

| Power Monitor App for Android Smartphones using an MCP39F511 Demo Board from Microchip

| HV power supply with tube and semiconductor curve tracer controlled by a Raspberry Pi with touch display.

| Alternative circuit for the fading LED contest