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A Method of Imaging Volt-Ampere Characteristics of a Passive Two-Terminal E

État : Proposition
23 janvier 2019
elektor labs va measuring
Sensing of the I-V characteristics of two terminals with negative dynamic resistance may be practically impossible with the instrumentation, which functions well for devices exhibiting positive only dynamic resistance. This is due to tendency to oscillate when connected into the sensing circuit, especially if the DUT (Device under Test) is a fast-switching one e.g. tunnel diode or Gunn diode. In the next a method and means allowing sensing of I-V characteristics of devices with negative dynamic resistance within “lying S”-type of I-V curve are described.
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Waveforms for the scope
I-V characteristics of a germanium tunnel diode
Detailed view of region with negative dynamic resistance
More detailed view for determining peak current and peak voltage of a tunnel diode
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    Full text
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    Principle used (109.5 KB )
    Figure for explaining the designed principle of indirect measurement of current in a two-terminal
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    Schematics (139 KB )
    Schematics of designed measurement setup

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