The project is to create an Arduino Mega shield which be used to control the watering of plant automatically.

The project uses several sensors like LDR or "Light Dependant Resistor", thermistor and hygrometer to analyse the environnement of the plant. A level switch is also used to know the level of the water tank. A relay is used to control the pump.

An IHM is also present with two LEDs (used to inform of the alimentation status) and four 7-segment displays which are multiplexed. A buzzer is also used to perfom some alarm.

The project also contains a parallel alimentation system with AC-DC converter (12 VAC --> 9 VDC) or a baterry backup (9 V battery).  The system also monitors the battery with ADC inside the ATMEGA2560 (Arduino Mega).

The goal of this project is to learn some basic of electronic like diode bridge, smooth filtering, regulator, arduino programmation, analog to digital conversion, time multiplexing, switching MOSFET, 7-segment displays, photo-resistor, thermistor software linearization, PWM (for the buzzer and the 7-segment illumination variation), ... 

The PCB of the alimentation system and the shield can be provided.