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PADAKATHU R RANGASAMY il y a 4 minutes
Gustavo, checked in your code the milli volt measurement stability, it is perfect and highly stable. I am planing measure 0-2.0000amps  0.1ohm shunt resister to measure current, the voltage across shunt will be 0-200mv for 0-2.0000amps. Please could you explain which parts (resister capaciter) value need to change to use 200mv full scale (20000 counts for 200mv).  is the BUF OUT pin6 resister instead 100k need to change 10k? if i change reference volt 1.0000v to 100.00mv. To generate 100.00mv reference, is LM336 2.5v will be stable or i need to use another like LM385 1.2v or TL431  the current measurement will not be continue. press and measure for 4 second. Please advice me the suitable way to measure 2000.0mA current which components needs to change Thank you
ESP32 Digital Voltmeter
TomR il y a 13 heures
Thank you for pointing out the difference in slew rates. That is important as it will result in slow rise and fall times on the squared waveform leaving the chip. I agree that it makes the AD648 less suitable in this application. I wonder if we are looking at different datasheet versions for the TL062 and AD648. Mine show minimum recommended supply voltage for the AD648 as 9V (+/- 4.5V) and for the TL062 as 10V. and that the specifications for both devices are stated at Vcc=+/-15V. Empirically, we know the TL062 works suitably at lower battery voltages, while any experience on the AD648 in this application is unknown to me.
Bat detector with amplitude recovery
Mario Riesebeek
Mario Riesebeek il y a 18 heures
My elektronics lab, also a video on youtube.
Show Us Your Home Lab and Win More Gear to Clutter It With
C. Nielsen
C. Nielsen il y a 19 heures
My home lab. I do not have much space, but i love working in my little "man cave".
Show Us Your Home Lab and Win More Gear to Clutter It With
Jan Visser
Jan Visser il y a 22 heures
you can find the software here:  
nWatch - build and program your own smartwatch [160326]