Infineon's new high-voltage CoolMOS MOSFET switching transistor
Cool, cooler, COOLMOS(T) from Infineon

If this ain't high voltage then what? The latest 800-volt CoolMOS P7 MOSFET from Infineon is based on their superjunction technology. The transistor is available in 12 classes of RDS(on) beginning with 0.28 Ω and in 6 package options. It is particularly suited to high voltage switching applications, flyback applications including adapter and charger, LED lighting, audio SMPS, AUX and industrial power.

CoolMOS specifications

This product family offers 0.1 percent to 0.6 percent efficiency gain and 2°C to 8°C lower MOSFET temperature as compared to 800-V CoolMOS™ C3 tested in flyback based applications. A built-in Zener diode reduces the risk of damage from electrostatic discharges and results in fewer failures during the manufacturing process. The FET can operate with a VGS(th) of just 3 V (±0.5 V).

CoolMOS applications

The new devices are suitable for use in low-voltage (battery) applications where they can provide low switching losses. The low gate threshold helps reduce the chances of the MOSFET operating in its lossy, linear region. That's cool Infineon!

Key points

  • high voltage switching applications
  • flyback applications including adapter and charger
  • LED lighting
  • audio
  • SMPS
  • AUX and industrial power.