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chen shanfu
chen shanfu il y a 43 minutes
When is it for opensurce?? I want to gerber file for PCB!!!!!!!!!!
3 displays alarm-clock with TFT screen, developped with Arduino [170112]
jean-pierre BADOUX
jean-pierre BADOUX il y a 3 heures
Bonjour, Merci à tous ... mon horloge fonctionne !!!! Passez une agréable journée  
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
HaSch il y a 1 jour
Thank you Will.
ESP8266 web server for Neopixel LED strips [160487]
Thomas Beck
Thomas Beck il y a 1 jour
This looks very promising... I have a rarely driven car sitting in a remote garage with no power socket - less than 1km away, so this might work with LoRa. Every few weeks I walk to the garage and drive the car home to charge the battery. Sometimes, especially in winter, I am too late and the car would not start anymore. So, knowing in advance when it is time to take the car home for charging the battery would be very convenient. Furthermore, this could be used as theft indication, too. Regularly receiving a signal would indicate that the vehicle still is in the garage. However, for my main use case, lower power consumption and less transmissions would be a plus. So, I am going to increase the interval with a 170 kOhm resistor to the maximum interval of 2hrs of the TPL5111. Hmm, I could also change the code to start LoRa transmission only if voltage falls below a threshold. In winter, it would be nice to also know the temperature in the garage. Maybe I will add a temperature sensor later. A very interesting project, thanks a lot for sharing this :)
Wireless car voltmeter
wb il y a 1 jour
Hi Hans, See the attachment, Grtz Will
ESP8266 web server for Neopixel LED strips [160487]