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Level Gauge-Light

État : Proposition
10 mai 2014

This project is an alternative to my project 'Level and distance gauge with alarm function' and achieves a measuring instrument with the following functions:

  • Measurement of liquid levels
  • Intuitive use via LED-keys
  • Simple empty/full level calibration
  • Auto-Hold of last measurement result
  • Permanent mode option for level monitoring
  • Display easy to read even from a large distance
  • Calibration values are stored in EEPROM

Who wants to display the liquid level of a container, is well served with this device and can quickly detect the level. The result is shown on a moving coil instrument and works like the fuel gauge in the car and is, as opposed to a digital display, easy to read even from a large distance.

Documentation Revision 1.0
English documentation corrected.

Documentation Revision 1.1
Low battery indicator description added to english and german documentation.

Documentation Revision 1.2
Wrong schematic for empty level calibration in german documentation corrected.

Documentation Revision 1.3
Weblink added to english and german documentation.


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