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Sascha Löbbert
Sascha Löbbert il y a 4 heures
Hey, that looks good. I am going to install my Weatherstation the next days as weather gets warmer. But first only with Windspeed and direction and the Bme280. 
Firmware update ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
PeterN il y a 5 heures
Hi Stepdes, you see theese lines in the beginning of the code:play.setup 0,64 'play.setup 1,64 ' external DAC, max Buffer Second line is for external DAC and commented out at the moment with ' Change that to  ' play.setup 0,64 play.setup 1,64 ' external DAC, max Buffer  And after a powerdown of the module the next start should be with digital output. Look at he help file of annex32 with F2-Key while you are in the script. There you will find a description of wiring PCM5102. But i  found there is a twist of to pins there!I found a different connection scheme than in the ANNEX help file.   The LCK/LRC- and BCK/BCLK- pins at  the ESP32 appear to be reversed.  This works here on my board for ESP32 and  PCM5102A: Lck <--> ESP32  GPIO26   (helpfile says wrongly IO05 is LRCK) BCK <--> ESP32 GPIO05  (helpfile says wrongly GPIO26 is BCLK) Din <--> ESP32 GPIO02   (OK) VCC <--> ESP32 V5  (5Volt) FLT, DMP, SCL, FMT <--> ESP32 GND XMT <--> 3V3 I append a foto that shows my ESP32Board and a PCM5102A I hope that will help you. Good luck and stay save! PETER  
M5Stack/ESP32 Internet Radio with ANNEX32-RDS
gabo93 il y a 8 heures
Buenas podria compartir las Conexiones del PMS7003 y El scetch Que suo porfavor  
Portable dust pollution display with temp and Humidity:
Stepdes il y a 13 heures
Hey,  I have tried this with a a ESP32S board, i also have a PCM5102 board. When i listen on pin 22 and gnd with a headphone i hear music, so the script is working. How do i connect the PCM5102 board and do i need to change the script? Thnx
M5Stack/ESP32 Internet Radio with ANNEX32-RDS
robvh il y a 1 jour
Oups, the first day of summertime the lights were on one hour earlier than expected. The second day it was okay again. Reason? The time is changed at 2:00 AM, the time of sunrise/sunset is calculated at midnight. This is corrected in the now sketch.
Timer for remote sockets