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oetelaarNG il y a 2 heures
You are assuming that someone will instantly understand how all this high tech stuff works. I think this assumption is wrong. A doorbell should be a doorbell (in my opinion). Maybe the answer should be simple, use the original pull-handle, attach a switch. A little note on the side "Pull one time for company-1, pull 2 times for company 2"  I can not imagine many more businesses behind one door. A little circuit, based on a microprocessor (small arduino) can be used to time the interval between the pulse(s) and actuate one of the small relays (one per company) to sound a bell.  
Invisible Multi-Target Doorbell
Wixa il y a 7 heures
please turn on English subtitles
purple-bobby il y a 20 heures
Sorry no, I have seen the 3D mouse (I think Microchip or Leap) at the Science Museum London. Also there are Pimoroni Skywriter HAT and the Fujitsu PalmSecure palm vien reader.
Invisible Multi-Target Doorbell
ClemensValens il y a 1 jour
Not very big indeed (7.8x4x2cm). Have you ever tried one? If so, does it work well? Looks as if there is a camera inside.
Invisible Multi-Target Doorbell
TiemeKuyper il y a 3 jours
Indeed for a 3-phase surrounding this circuit is not suitable. This is also not a very common implementation. I think the wisest to do then is to use the regular optocoupler implementation as normally used. The 3n3's give here also a phase shift which you don't want. The disadavantage of the standard optocoupler is that it needs a dissipating series resistor. I did a simulation with an optocoupler, and an exor at the output, which seems to be able to detect the both zero crossings. I am not able to test it here since our house only has 1 phase, but it should be able to do so. Will share the results later. Added the drawing how it should work. Please realize that I have not tested this.
Mains Power Driver by MCU DC or PWM