Are you an inquisitive engineer, C-level leader, or electronics innovator interested in investigating topics relating to ethical electronics? If so, consider attending an October 2023 Ethics in Electronics Abbey Session, which will be a unique conference, hosted by The Lenthe Foundation, for curious decision makers and influencers driven by a desire to explore and improve the world.

Download the EiE Abbey Sessions brochure for details.
Marienstatt Abbey: The door is open - the heart even more so!

What Are Abbey Sessions?

EiE Abbey Sessions take place in monasteries or abbeys. Many abbeys were built in remote locations, such as mountains or forests, to provide a peaceful and contemplative environment for the community. These abbeys often became important centers of learning and culture, where scholars and artists could come to study and create.

The Lenthe Foundation — which has organized Ethics in Electronics events over the past three years — is managing a 30-hour Abbey Session on October 12, 2023, at the Marienstatt Abbey in Germany. Led by Dr. Ralf Bodelier, Dr. Mirjam Vossen, and Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinemann, attendees will participate in discussions, attend lectures, enjoy short walks, watch relevant films, and share meals (including breakfast, lunch, and supper).
Abbey Sessions Speakers
Dr. Ralf Bodelier, Dr. Mirjam Vossen, and Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinemann. (Source: Lenthe)
Discussion topics will include:
  • Our Material Progress: Where are we today? Are we making headway in terms of global poverty, CO2 emission reduction, climate change, and so on? How do electronics and high-tech applications affect things?
  • Our Moral Progress: How are our ideas about society evolving? How do our views on topics such as human rights and safety differ from previous generations?
  • The Media & Our Worldview: How does the media shape our worldview? Can we learn to evaluate media coverage critically? How can we discern what is true and what is not?
  • Talking About Values: What are our values? What is important? How can our business values align with our person ones? We will explore how to communicate our values effectively.

Join the discussion and help to inspire others to make our world a better place! 
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About the Training Leaders

Dr. Ralf Bodelier is a graduate in history (BA) and theology (MA). He holds a PhD in Philosophy from a Faculty of Law. He is an essayist for a variety of media, and he has authored 12 books. Three of these books deal with the relationship between technology and society. In 2020-2021, he walked from Jerusalem to Bouillon in Belgium. He is currently at work on a book about this walk, the title of which is On the reverse crusade: In the Footsteps of Godfried van Bouillon.

Dr. Mirjam Vossen has a BA in Journalism, an MA in Geography, and a PhD in Media Science. The influence of media on our world view is her area of research, and her area of expertise is media framing. Dr. Vossen works as a consultant for organizations and companies in the field of communication on issues that are socially sensitive. She has conducted research for them on framing poverty, migration, disadvantaged neighborhoods, and nuclear energy. She is the author of several books and articles. She collaborates with On Migration and Replanet Nederland.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinemann is Professor of Business Ethics at the FOM University of Applied Sciences and spokesperson of the Ethics Ellipse Smart Hospital at the University Medicine Essen and focuses on the economic and ethical perspective on digital medicine and the healthcare industry. He is an experienced speaker and trainer, having delivered ethics training, lectures and seminars to leading global companies such as Daimler, Barmer and RWE. He has been researching and publishing on this topic for over 20 years and is widely recognized as a thought leader in the field of business ethics.

Learn More, Get Involved

Download the EiE Abbey Sessions brochure to learn more about the October 2023 event. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Shenja Panik (Project Manager).