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behbeh il y a 5 heures
Wow. Nice place to work....! Gratulation....
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Alois Segner
Alois Segner il y a 20 heures
I came across an interested project to try with the Uno R4, but no successful compiling with the delivered libraries. The project works with the Arduino Uno Standard with no error.After some research I found the hint to use the compiler option '--std=c++11!Now I find no place or file to enter or try those options with the Elektor Uno R4 Hardware in the Arduino 1.8.10 or other.Please indicate how to enter the options in this case or another workaround. The compiler options a very useful also for other cases.Thanks in advance. AS
Elektor Uno R4 [150790]
PADAKATHU R RANGASAMY il y a 21 heures
Thank you Gustavo 
ESP32 Digital Voltmeter
Gustavo Murta
Gustavo Murta il y a 1 jour
Hi Padakathu, ​ Suggestions for study : File attached (old) -  Understanding the Auto Zero and Common Mode and more... Regards,  Gustavo Murta   
ESP32 Digital Voltmeter
Bob_L il y a 1 jour
Because the NMEA messages are likely from a buffered queue. No guarantee the queue is timed consistent from unit to unit. That's exactly why the 1PPS signal comes out of the GPS module, it is synchronized much tighter to GPS time, and could have jitter in the low nanoseconds. Sync your clock to the NMEA message, but adjust the timer according to the 1PPS signal. There is tons more published regarding this task, search the "time nuts" mailing list archive.
Millisecond GPS clock